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Special attention is dedicated by B.O.B. S.p.A. to the CONSTRUCTION sector where the growing attention to the environment by the institutions and operators forced the collectors to adapt their equipments to the new problems connected to waste and wreckage in order to handle them in the best logistic way.

The new range "COMBI INTERCHANGEABLE" is particularly innovative and especially studied for the construction sector. This range allows a great flexibility between different equipments, a characteristic particularly appreciated by modern companies oriented to cost reduction.


For the CONSTRUCTION sector B.O.B. S.p.A. offers:

8 ton skip loader for garbage transport equipped with 5-6 m3 skip



14 ton skip loader on sliding platform with stabilizer rollers20 ton skip loader for scrap transport10 ton skip loader for debris waste

• LIGHT roll-off tippers


LIFT8 on Iveco Eurocargo

10 ton equipment on 2-axle-truck with round container for earth transport
30 ton hooklift on 6x4 Scania with Hardox-container for rocks

 HEAVY roll-off tippers

35 ton hooklift with Hardox container for rocks with sliding roof30 ton 7-m-hooklift on 8x4 Mercedes-chassis

• COMBI interchangeable systems

Combi 12 m3 concrete mixer
Combi Hardox 450 round container for earth movementCombi Hardox 450 round container for earth movementIT30 ton Combi-hooklift Container and 12 m3 concrete mixer interchangable systemsCombi 12 m3 concrete mixer moving on 4-axle-truck